Expensive Tequila

The difference between cheap tequila and expensive tequila is significant, and probably obvious by the first sip. Expensive tequila is produced with greater care, from better sources, and is aged properly. Its taste will be richer, and it will be smoother to the palette. Cheap tequila will be unpleasant and full of impurities.

Expensive Should Mean Quality
A word of caution. Don't assume that a high price tag means quality tequila. Some of the less scrupulous distillers will put cheap tequila into a fancy bottle with nice labeling and try to pass it off as the real thing. Expensive tequila should mean top-shelf tequila. Make sure it is made from 100 percent blue agave and bottled at the source. It should also be "reposado," which literally means "rested," or "anejo," which means "extra-aged" and implies that it has been aged from two to 12 months for the reposado tequila and over 12 months for the anejo tequila. Mexican laws make it very difficult to lie about the contents of a bottle, so if you know what to look for, you can be assured you are purchasing a quality product.

Expensive tequila, more than any other type of tequila, can be drunk straight. It should have a richness and complexity of flavor that you will want to enjoy on its own. Mixing it with juices and blended mixers is certainly not a crime, but you might consider using more moderately priced tequilas for these types of drinks.

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